- Introduction

Welcome to the website detected to educating amateur sound techs. My name is Zeb Hansell, and I'm the author and creator of this site. I have a certificate in Sound Engineering, given by Selkirk College of Contemporary Music in Nelson BC, Canada.

My goal here is to provide simple 'a b c - 1 2 3' instructions in doing sound mixing for live bands. I hope my writing is clear throughout these tutorials, and I encourage your suggestions and comments pertaining to this site. I will also graciously accept donations for my work here, while I fully provide this information free of cost, your donations will help encourage, and sustain me.

I will try to say a lot with a little, yet still try and cover enough of the material so you feel educated and comfortable 'behind the board'.

See the TUT Chapters for the topics of discussion. I encourage you to do them all and in order, because they are designed to be done that way. I sincerely hope you find this site useful and informative!
-Zeb Hansell

Mixing Live Sound